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The Scales and Scales are subject to legislation since 2012, so before you buy, it is very important that you know where and for what you are going to use the device, as you buy any one and that later does not serve it more expensive leaves.

The Scales and Balances that will directly or indirectly intervene in commercial transactions, includes scales that only transmit the weight to a computer, have to be reviewed every two years and have the corresponding Certificate of Verification CE at all times. The price of this Certificate is different depending on the capacity (Kg) of the device.

Not all scales and scales can obtain the CE Verification Certificate to be able to carry out commercial transactions. Only those marked with icons (M) and [M] are valid.

Models of Scales and Balances with which, if you need it for your activity, you can optionally request an EC Verification Certificate. They must request it when placing the order because it is done in the factory. The certificate has a price or another according to the capacity (Kg) of the device and must be renewed every two years, except for the breaking of seals for a repair; then it moves forward.

Models of Scales and Balances that already have the CE Verification Certificate. When two years have passed, it must be renewed. All commercial scales include serial verification and only some accuracy. For the rest that can obtain it, it will be optional to request it.

Other models of Scales and Balances are perfectly valid for other activities for internal use and for high precision measurements in laboratories, pharmaceutical, chemical, analytical, etc ... For these models marked in red you can never request an EC Verification Certificate for commercial transactions.

However, they may request ISOCAL Certificates and ENAC Certificates.

Because of all this on our website, the images of the products are accompanied by these first two icons. The rest that only carry an image correspond to the third group.

In the shop several models are duplicated, one with (M) and the other with [M].